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Victory Charm & Gold Link Bracelet

Dhs. 8,700.00

Discover a piece of history gracefully melded with modern elegance. This exquisite charm bracelet boasts a unique centerpiece: a genuine Quinarius coin, minted in 89 BC, a tangible whisper from the Roman Republic. The coin features the head of Liber, symbolizing freedom and festivity, adorned with an ivy wreath, a detail rendered timeless by its fine crafting. Below, a trident marks the authority of M. Cato, the esteemed issuer of this coin. On the reverse, Victory herself is captured mid-celebration, an embodiment of triumph that resonates through the ages.

This artifact is not merely a relic but a fusion of heritage and style. Encased in a bezel of 14K gold, the coin’s allure is magnified, bringing a touch of ancient glory to a contemporary accessory. The bracelet's 14k gold chain is a testament to versatility and style, featuring a design that allows it to be both a statement and a subtle complement to any outfit. 

More than just an accessory, this bracelet is a conversation starter, a piece of art, and a slice of history preserved. It is secured with a removable clasp, suggesting that the elegance of the past need not be confined to it. The wearer not only adorns themselves with a beacon of historical significance but also carries the spirit of Roman antiquity with them, a blend of victory and virtue, style and story. Embrace the chance to wear a narrative that has been centuries in the making.

Bracelet: 14k gold, 21cm length, 11.56 grams, made in Italy


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