“Tell me about your jewelry?”

Since 1986 when the Kirkham family fashioned their first piece of ancient coin jewelry, this question has frequently been an inquiry. Wherever they went, whatever the occasion, their unique creations sparked curiosity and started conversations.

“Wow, the coin is really over two-thousand years old?”

Legacy lies at the heart of Zamani. Fueled by a passion for history, art, and antiquity passed down through generations, Zamani has evolved into a cherished family endeavor. Every item we offer is authenticated as original and has a certificate of authenticity. We delve into the rich history behind each coin and piece, ensuring their unique stories endure.

“How can I get one for myself?”

What started as custom-designed pieces for loved ones has now expanded into a global initiative—the dedicated husband-and-wife duos of Drs. Wayne and Sally Kirkham in the United States and Mr. Stewart Kirkham and Mrs. Ana Lino-Kirkham in Dubai have curated a network of skilled artisans committed to crafting high-quality, one-of-a-kind jewelry. Our ready-made pieces are available at various prices, boasting flexibility and interchangeability. Custom designs are encouraged; if a coin resonates with your personal story, we’ll transform it into something truly magnificent.

“What is the Kirkham story?”

The Kirkhams’ journey is marked by love, lifelong learning, and a broad palette of international experiences. Although the inspiration stems from travel, history, and art, their personal and professional journeys heavily influence Zamani’s creative direction.

Dr. Sally L. Kirkham, Ph.D., is a respected education specialist, author, and former fashion model. Her husband, Dr. Wayne R. Kirkham, M.D., known as the “Voice Doctor to the Stars,” recently retired from his medical practice to devote more time to Zamani.

Mrs. Ana Lino-Kirkham, with her upbringing in Portugal and Spain and education in the United Kingdom, infuses a unique European perspective into Zamani. Her husband, Mr. Stewart Kirkham, a Gemological Institute of America graduate and an MBA from the University of Wisconsin – Madison complements her global expertise. Their shared passion led them to find love in Dubai, inspiring them to infuse elements of romance and sensuality into Zamani’s collections.

The Kirkham family unites in their pursuit of creating beautiful, elegant, and timeless jewelry—pieces that resonate with your story and can be cherished for generations to come.