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Vesta Emerald and Gold Necklace

Dhs. 31,000.00

Discover the timeless allure of history with this magnificent necklace, featuring an authentic Silver Roman Denarius from 63 BC. Struck by L. Cassius Longinus in ancient Rome, this coin bears the veiled visage of Vesta, the virgin goddess of the hearth, home, and family. Her profile, elegantly veiled and cast in silver, is complemented by a symbolic kylix, evoking the rituals and mysteries she guards. This coin's reverse is equally captivating, depicting a citizen partaking in the sacred act of voting, a foundation of Roman society.

Crafted into a wearable piece of history, the coin sits securely within an 18k gold bezel, highlighting the patina of ages with a modern touch of luxury. Below, a 0.59-carat emerald gleams—a verdant symbol of rebirth and eternal youth, adding a vibrant contrast to the grayscale tones of the ancient silver. This gemstone, historically coveted for its rarity and beauty, is a perfect homage to Vesta's eternal flame.

The necklace is brought together with a 40cm gold cable chain, chosen for both its strength and subtle elegance, ensuring the piece rests gracefully at the collarbone. The clasp, adorned with diamonds, is not merely a fastening but a statement of beauty and sophistication, mirroring the stars that the Romans themselves gazed upon.

Wearing this necklace is not just an act of adornment but a celebration of the rich tapestry of Roman mythology and history. It is a conversation starter, a piece that accentuates your beauty and reveals your appreciation for the past and the stories that have shaped our world.

Each element of this necklace—from the ancient denarius to the lush emerald, the gold setting, and the sparkling clasp—has been thoughtfully curated to offer you an artifact that is not just seen but felt. It invites you to carry the legacy of Vesta, the warmth of her hearth, and the brilliance of Roman ingenuity close to your heart.

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