Zamani Jewelry

Roma & Victory Gold Flip Ring

Dhs. 13,000.00

Step into the past and clasp history between your fingers with this magnificently crafted ring. A treasure from time's embrace, it features a genuine silver Roman Denarius, minted in 89 BC, bearing the image of a draped bust of Roma on one side, with the inscription 'RO MA' standing guard behind. On the reverse, 'VICTRIX' Victory is seated in regal repose, holding a wreath and palm frond – symbols of triumph and peace.

This isn't just a piece of jewelry; it's a conversation starter, a piece of art, and a slice of history. Each view of the coin tells a different story, seamlessly blending the glory of the Roman Republic with the finesse of contemporary design. The ability to display either side of the coin allows you to choose which chapter of its storied past to showcase.

Encased in a ring of warm gold that complements its historical richness, the coin is held securely yet with the grace that allows its dual-sided narrative to shine. The ring itself is a size 6.5, designed to marry comfort with the unmatched elegance of its unique form.

Adorning your hand with this ring is more than a statement of style—it's an ode to the legacy of civilizations past, brought into the present with a design that speaks to the modern connoisseur. Own a piece of the past and let its history whisper to you with every glint in the light.

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