Zamani Jewelry

Nabataea Ring

Dhs. 12,000.00

Introducing a masterpiece that bridges history and elegance: the 18k Yellow Gold Ring featuring a genuine silver coin of Nabataea, Aretas IV AR Drachm. Crafted meticulously, this ring serves as a luxurious adornment and a timeless piece of history. The ancient coin, dating back to AD 24/25, showcases the laureate and draped bust of Aretas IV, a testament to the rich cultural heritage of Nabataea.

The design of this ring captures the essence of sophistication. The 18k yellow gold band contrasts the ancient silver coin, highlighting its intricate details and historical significance. The Aramaic legend inscribed around the coin adds an aura of mystery, inviting the wearer to explore the untold stories of Nabataea and its legendary ruler, Aretas IV.

This exceptional ring is not just a piece of jewelry; it's a conversation starter and a cherished possession for those who appreciate history and fine craftsmanship. Whether worn as a daily statement or reserved for special occasions, this ring embodies a unique blend of ancient mystique and modern elegance, making it a valuable addition to any collection.

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