Zamani Jewelry

Dove and Diamond Earrings

Dhs. 24,000.00

Step into a world where ancient history and modern elegance converge with these exquisite earrings, each a canvas showcasing a masterful blend of time-honored tradition and contemporary design. At their heart lies the storied image of a dove from the ancient Greek city of Sikyon, skillfully struck on a triobol dating back to the years 330/20-280 BC. This image, capturing the graceful flight of a dove, symbolizes peace, harmony, and new beginnings, invoking the rich cultural and spiritual legacy of the ancient Peloponnese.

Encircled by a delicate halo of golden warmth, each earring gleams with an array of precisely set diamonds—a constellation of 118 sparkling stars per stud—that catch the light and draw the eye, offering a subtle nod to the night skies under which these ancient coins once circulated.

These earrings do not merely adorn; they tell a tale. The dove, captured in mid-flight on lustrous silver, speaks of the storied past, while the surrounding diamonds whisper of enduring beauty and luxury. The textured gold post atop each earring brings a touch of opulence, completing the piece with a flourish of modern sophistication.

Wearing these earrings is an experience—a connection to a time when mythology mingled with daily life, reinterpreted through the lens of contemporary craftsmanship. Adorn your ears with these treasures and carry the essence of history with you, transformed into a statement of timeless elegance.

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