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Diva Faustina Gold Earrings

Dhs. 16,000.00

Elevate your ensemble to empyrean elegance with our Diva Faustina Maior Coin Earrings. Crafted from 18k gold, these exquisite pieces of jewelry are a homage to the celestial grace of Diva Faustina Maior, a revered figure from the zenith of the Roman Empire. Each earring is delicately set with an authentic coin portraying the illustrious Diva— wife of the Roman emperor Antoninus Pius—her image etched with the intricate finesse of ancient minting artistry. The closely matched coins feature her serene bust, adorned with pearl hair ribbons, symbolizing her timeless beauty and regal poise. 

Wearing these earrings is not merely an act of adornment but a statement of unparalleled sophistication. They are not just accessories but talismans of history, carriers of myth, and bearers of the eternal flame of antiquity. Perfect for the modern-day diva who subtly commands attention and celebrates her link to the women who shaped history. These earrings are a treasure beyond measure, a piece of the past to carry you confidently into the future.

Earrings: 18k gold bezel, 19.4mm diameter each, 15.9 grams total weight, including coins

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