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Dionysus and Heracles Rose Gold Choker Necklace

Dhs. 31,000.00

Immerse yourself in the allure of antiquity with our enchanting Dionysus & Heracles Rose Gold Choker. This piece is a treasure of historical and aesthetic value, featuring a silver tetradrachm from the ancient realm of Thrace, minted between 90 and 75 BC.

Centered upon this choker is the storied tetradrachm coin, which bears the visage of Dionysus, the Greek god of wine and revelry, crowned with a garland of ivy. His image, a token of joy and life's pleasures, celebrates the vibrancy of ancient mythology. The flip side reveals the legendary hero Heracles, cloaked in the Nemean lion's skin, a testament to bravery and resilience. The coin, a tangible narrative of mythic grandeur, becomes a versatile centerpiece, allowing you to choose the side that best reflects your mood or the occasion.

The pendant is framed by a finely wrought bezel of 18K rose gold, its design subtly echoing the ivy of Dionysus' crown, connecting it seamlessly to the choker. This bespoke choker, crafted from the same opulent 18K rose gold and measuring a sleek 40cm, graces the neckline with a statement of timeless elegance.

The soft pinkish patina of the ancient coin pairs exquisitely with the warm tones of the rose gold, resulting in a harmonious symphony of hues. This choker is designed for those passionate about history, offering a piece of jewelry and a wearable emblem of the past's enduring legacy.

This choker is a unique heirloom-to-be, perfect for both special occasions and adding a touch of sophistication to everyday wear. It’s an ideal gift for the discerning individual who cherishes the depth of history and the finesse of fine jewelry. The Dionysus & Heracles Rose Gold Choker celebrates historical craftsmanship, meant to be adored and passed down through the ages.

Pendant: 18K rose gold bezel, 36.8mm diameter, 26.4 grams including coin

Chain: 18k rose gold, 40cm length, 9.9 grams

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