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Baaltars and Eagle Gold Flip Ring

Dhs. 9,000.00

Experience a piece of ancient history with our stunning Cilician Obol Ring, crafted in luxurious 18k yellow gold. This unique ring features a silver obol coin from the 4th century BC Persian Empire, unearthed from the historic region of Cilicia, modern-day Turkey. The obol showcases Baaltars, the region's equivalent to the Greek deity Zeus, seated majestically, holding symbols of prosperity: a grain ear, a grape bunch, and a scepter.

Its reversible setting sets this ring apart, allowing you to display either side of the ancient coin. One side highlights Baaltars in all his divine glory, while the other features an eagle with wings spread wide, standing proudly on a plow—an emblem of power and agrarian heritage. This dual-display feature offers versatility and a deeper connection to the ancient world, making it a conversation piece and a treasure trove of stories.

Wear this Cilician Obol Ring to embrace the opulence and historical grandeur of the Persian Empire. It’s more than an accessory; it’s a timeless artifact that bridges past and present, artfully blending ancient craftsmanship with modern elegance. This ring is perfect for the discerning individual who appreciates the confluence of history, mythology, and exquisite jewelry design.

Coin: 13.4 mm diameter

Ring: 18k gold, size 6.5 US (17mm), 4.4 grams including coin

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