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Baaltars and Eagle Gold Flip Ring

Dhs. 14,000.00

Indulge in the grandeur of antiquity with our exquisite Cilician Obol Ring, a tangible piece of the vast Persian Empire's legacy. Expertly crafted from lustrous 18k yellow gold, this ring is not merely an accessory but a wearable artifact, dating back to the 4th century BC - when the Persian influence stretched deeply into the Mediterranean.

The centerpiece of this magnificent ring is a silver obol from ancient Cilicia, present-day Turkey. This rare coin features the revered deity Baaltars, the regional equivalent of the mighty Zeus known to the Greeks. With an air of divine royalty, Baaltars is depicted seated, holding symbols of prosperity and abundance: a grain ear and grape bunch in his right hand and a scepter in his left, embodying the rich cultural tapestry of the era.

The ingenuity of the ring's design allows you to showcase both the storied obverse and the intricate reverse of the coin. On the flip side, an eagle with outstretched wings stands majestically on a plow, symbolizing power and a connection to the earth. This versatile setting ensures that the storied narrative of the coin is not just preserved but also celebrated, offering two distinct styles in one.

This ring is not only a statement of luxury but also a conversation starter, enveloping the wearer in the mystique of ancient civilizations. It is an heirloom piece that carries the whispers of history, designed for those who appreciate the confluence of art, history, and craftsmanship.

Adorn your hand with this timeless treasure, and carry the spirit of the Persian Empire with you.

Coin: 13.4 mm diameter

Ring: 18k gold, size 6.5 US (17mm), 4.4 grams including coin

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