Zamani Jewelry

Athena & Nike Emerald & Sapphire Gold Necklace

Dhs. 44,000.00

Embrace the splendor of antiquity with this exquisite necklace, a tangible connection to the ancient world. This piece is not merely an ornament but a fragment of history, featuring a genuine Tetradrachm coin from Pamphylia, Side, dating back to circa 205-100 BC. The coin, crafted in an era where mythology breathed through the art, depicts the revered Athena, goddess of wisdom, her profile etched with a crested Corinthian helmet—a symbol of her valor and protective spirit.

The flip side of the coin bears the graceful image of Nike, the divine winged goddess of victory, captured in the act of advancing left with a wreath, an emblem of triumph and glory. The presence of the pomegranate next to the Greek inscription ΔEI reminds us of the fruit's significance in ancient myths—a symbol of life, marriage, and regeneration.

This artifact of yore is elegantly framed within a stunning 18k gold bezel, complementing the silver hues of the coin with a warm luster. Perched atop the bezel, a vivid 0.55 carat emerald sits as the crowning jewel, its rich green hues embodying the verdant groves of the Acropolis. Flanking the lower arc of the coin, two 0.48 carat pink sapphires add a touch of soft color contrast, reminiscent of the rosy fingers of dawn that once greeted ancient mariners navigating the wine-dark sea.

The necklace, a 40cm chain of the same luxurious 18k gold, is fastened with a clasp that twinkles with embedded diamonds, a modern nod to the timeless desire for beauty and splendor. When worn, this necklace is more than an accessory—it's a personal emblem that carries the weight of history and the narrative of gods and heroes. It is a statement piece, sure to spark conversations and kindle the imagination with visions of the ancient Mediterranean world.

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