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Alexander the Great and Gold Cable Necklace

Dhs. 26,000.00

Drape yourself in the splendor of a bygone empire with this magnificent pendant featuring a venerable silver drachm depicting Alexander the Great, history's archetype of unparalleled leadership and conquest. This coin, minted during the epoch of Alexander's expansive reign from 336-323 BC, captures the essence of his legendary might, portraying him as Heracles adorned with the Nemean lion's head, a symbol of heroic triumph and nobility.

This ancient treasure is encased within a halo of 18k gold, reflecting a modern homage to the opulence of Alexander's time. The pendant suspends from an elegant 18k gold cable necklace, which itself is a statement of refined taste and sophistication. A row of diamonds embellishes the clasp, adding a subtle yet captivating sparkle that mirrors the night sky of the Hellenistic world.

Holding this piece close to your heart, you are not merely wearing a necklace; you are carrying a fragment of history. It whispers tales of ancient battles, of the thunderous applause in the amphitheaters, and the hushed conversations in marbled halls. This pendant is not just an accessory—it is a piece of art that bridges millennia, a luxurious adornment that resonates with the power and prestige of one of history's most storied rulers.

Whether it graces your neckline at a gala or accompanies you to a quiet dinner, this pendant promises to be more than just a conversation piece—it is an heirloom that will be cherished for generations, just as Alexander's legend has been through the ages.

Pendant: 18k gold bezel and diamond clasp, 20mm diameter, 7.6 grams including coin

Cable chain: 18k gold, 40cm, 16.5 grams

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