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Jupiter and Victory Gold Cable

Dhs. 27,000.00

Embrace the timeless allure of history with this exquisite Roman Republic silver denarius pendant, a testament to the enduring legacy of ancient artistry. Enshrined within the gleaming embrace of 18-karat gold, this coin whispers tales of Jupiter, the omnipotent god of the sky, whose visage commands the obverse with divine authority. His gaze, cast in silver, symbolizes greatness and strength, a beacon of power from the pantheon of Rome to the modern bearer of this piece.

Turn the coin to reveal the dynamic figure of Victory, or Victoria, her form captured mid-stride as she advances in her quadriga. With reins in one hand and a wreath in the other, she is a celebration of triumph, her palm frond a flourish of glory. This depiction is not just a mere image but a narrative of victory, emboldened by the serrated edge—a mark of ingenuity and a guard against the eroding sands of time and deceit.

The necklace, a 40cm cable of 18k yellow gold, is the epitome of versatility, perfect for any occasion that calls for a subtle statement or a bold declaration. Its diamond clasp is a constellation of brilliance, a final touch of luxury that anchors this historic artifact in the present.

This pendant is not simply a piece of jewelry; it is a wearable piece of history, a fusion of the might of gods and the victories of mortals. Let it hang around your neck and carry the essence of antiquity into the modern day with elegance and grace.

Pendant: 18k gold bezel with diamond clasp, 24.7mm diameter, 9.2 grams including coin

Cable chain: 18k gold, 40cm, 16.5 grams

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