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Hadrian Leather Bracelet

Dhs. 4,500.00

Step into the realm of historical elegance with this meticulously crafted Hadrian silver coin bracelet, a wearable treasure that encapsulates the rich narratives of the past. This exquisite piece features a genuine Tetradrachm, dating back to the reign of Hadrian in 128/9 CE, set in a modern frame that marries antiquity with contemporary style. Known in history for his travels (and his walls), this coin was likely minted in Alexandria, Egypt. The obverse side of the coin presents the regal visage of Emperor Hadrian, his laureate, draped, and cuirassed bust captured in profile, an emblem of his esteemed rule and legacy. The reverse side, equally alluring, displays the symbolic clasped hands, a gesture of unity and fidelity towads Hadrian with an inscription that reads "Father of the people".

Encircled by a sleek silverrcled by a sleek silver bezel, the coin is seamlessly integrated into a luxurious Italian leather band, creating a bold statement that is both sophisticated and versatile. The bracelet is designed to be double-sided, allowing you to showcase the side of the coin that speaks to you each day—whether it's the authoritative bust of a storied emperor or the poignant representation of partnership and commitment embodied by the clasped hands.

This bracelet is not merely an accessory; it is a conversation starter, a piece of history you can carry on your wrist. It's a fusion of art and story, where every detail, from the silver coin weighing 4.50 grams to the tactile Italian leather, contributes to a narrative of historical significance and stylistic discernment. Whether you are an aficionado of ancient cultures or a connoisseur of unique, statement jewelry, this Hadrian silver coin bracelet is sure to captivate and inspire.

Adjustable: 20cm-22cm

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