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Dionysus and Heracles Gold Necklace

Dhs. 28,000.00

Embrace the essence of antiquity with this resplendent Thrace Tetradrachm Necklace, a treasure of historical allure that transcends time. Crafted between 90-75 BC, this ancient silver tetradrachm coin is a tangible connection to the mystique of Greek mythology, encapsulated in 18K gold finesse.

On one side, it bears the visage of Dionysus, the jubilant god of wine, festivities, and the fertility of nature, distinguished by an ivy wreath crown—a symbol of eternal life and Dionysian revelries. The coin's reverse is graced by the heroic Heracles, famed for his strength and adventures, depicted with his indomitable club and the skin of the Nemean lion, a testament to his legendary labors.

A custom 18K gold bezel frames the artistry of the coin, its design thoughtfully nodding to the ivy leaves that crowned Dionysus, connecting seamlessly to a supple 55cm gold chain. This innovative setting is designed for versatility, allowing the wearer to alternate the display between the two mythic figures, making a statement of personal significance and style.

Donning this necklace is not merely an act of adornment but a celebration of history, a passage through the epochs of time. It is a piece that speaks to the connoisseur of the ancient world, to the lover of stories etched in time, and to the bearer of a legacy that will continue to enchant for generations to come.

Pendant 18K gold bezel, 35mm diameter, 24.9 grams including coin

Chain: 18k gold, 55cm length, 10.5 grams

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