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Athena and Owl Gold Chain Link Necklace

Dhs. 28,000.00

Step into a realm where history and elegance converge with this distinguished Athena silver tetradrachm necklace. This piece is a tribute to the ingenuity of ancient Greek civilization, featuring a coin that echoes the stories of 454-404 BC, when Athens was the heart of cultural progress and intellectual prowess.

This coin is not merely an adornment but a fragment of history, bearing the image of Athena, the revered goddess endowed with wisdom and martial triumph. Her helmet, a symbol of her divine guardianship, is rendered with an artisan's precision and care. Flip this wearable relic to reveal an owl, the enduring emblem of knowledge, accompanied by olive branches, signifying peace and victory, a herald of Athens' enduring legacy.

The pendant is ingeniously set within an 18K gold bezel, offering the wearer the liberty to showcase either side of this storied coin as they desire. This versatility is matched by the finesse of the 18K gold chain, measuring a sleek 55cm. It is a testament to timeless style, draping the neck with a singular, understated opulence.

This necklace is more than an accessory; it is a guardian of history, a centerpiece that speaks of its bearer's taste for the classic and the rare. It is a piece that doesn't just accentuate an outfit; it brings a narrative to life, making the past present and the mythical tangible.

Pendant: 18k gold bezel, 28mm diameter, 24.5 grams including coin

Chain: 18k gold, 55cm length, 10.5 grams

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